Product Update: The First True Mobile Virtual Data Room

Anna Pelova

23 Jan 2022

Virtual Data Room
The first true mobile virtual data room

While TrueDataShare™ has always been accessible on all devices and this has been our goal from the start, we are constantly working on advancing our product, making it the first true mobile virtual data room. Working with documents should be an experience, rather than an overwhelming and time-consuming task. This is why we launched a new interface for mobile devices that improves the user experience we have already worked so hard to create.

What has changed?

TrueDataShare™ mobile has all the functionalities, speed, and security of the desktop version. Everything you can do from your laptop, you can do it from your mobile device too, without having to download an app. This level of simplicity makes it easier to access your virtual data room and very hard to make mistakes during your due diligence or M&A process. The mobile version is independent of the different operating systems but at the same time, it takes the best elements from each of them.


Because every minute is important, organising and editing documents or managing permissions should be so easy that you can do it while you are on the train to work or while waiting in a queue. No interruptions and no precious time wasted.

Mobile virtual data room documents truedatashare


The improved mobile interface puts the focus on the conversations with stakeholders. Assign to team members, set priority or link to folders and files to stay on top of important questions that are important to complete the mergers & acquisitions or the due diligence process.

Mobile virtual data room questions truedatashare


Manage teams, roles, and permissions. Stakeholders don’t have to download an app when using their mobile device but they get the same level of user experience when working in a team.

Mobile virtual data room permissions truedatashare


The new interface makes it easier to filter documents and keep your team members accountable for the work they do.

Mobile virtual data room audit truedatashare

The Evolution – from Physical Data Rooms to Mobile

Data rooms have come a long way to make our work more efficient. We no longer have to use fax machines or rent a space that’s large enough to fit a bulky supply of folders. Performing due diligence and mergers and acquisitions originally required companies to book flights and hotels to spend a few days in a room full of paper. Of course, that room wasn’t open 24/7 either. The process was long and complicated and soon, virtual data rooms made physical data rooms obsolete.

In the early stages of virtual data rooms, the digitisation of paper documents required a lot of work. Obtaining legal status for digital documents was hard, clients weren’t aware of the technology and its possibilities and were reluctant to move to a whole new way of document storage. 

Today, virtual data rooms are much more than a digital version of the physical repositories. They are a way to share and manage sensitive documentation, a different way of communication. As the first true mobile virtual data room, TrueDataShare™ revolutionises previously complicated work processes by making them fully location independent.

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